Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Generosity is not a matter of convenience; generosity is a matter of the heart

A paper is due tomorrow, for which much reading an writing must be done. A work deadline is looming, and many long hours of toil and sweat are involved. A date is impending. The day is busy and has already taken off, and there is too much to accomplish. Children have needs, bosses have demands, work has deadlines, school requires so much.

Life doesn't get easier and slow down. For many.

So, when is a good time to stop and help a friend, an acquaintance, a stranger in need?


The answer lies in admitting that stopping to help someone is never convenient. Most adults I know are weary and heavy from their own journey, from attempting to meet a long laundry list of daily demands and tasks. Understandably so.

But, what about giving? Not just opening one's wallet up and giving money. I am talking about more than that. What about the person who just got let go from a job, in a difficult economy, who needs practical guidance on how to become gainfully employed and some emotional support? What about a single parent who has to weather storms, has to wear multiple hats, and juggle various responsibilities without break or reprieve? What can we do to come alongside them on their journey? What about people who seem to have no one else to consistently support them through life? Life can be pretty brutal and tough.

Do we have moments to spare, to really listen to someone in need? Can we open our homes to those who need a warm, welcoming environment?

I would like to think that I haven't turned someone away because I am too focused on my own obligations, deadlines, or life; or, I am too overtaken by my own difficult (and sometimes sad) situation. I heartily believe we were made as relational beings, just as we were made with skin to cover our blood and bones and other vital organs. Though some covet time to oneself, most of us thrive if we have some interpersonal interactions. I hope I don't ignore anyone around me in need. I probably have and probably do. But, my hope for this year and looking forward is to be generous in heart, to love and to reach out to others.

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