Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dizzy in the New Year

As people thoughtfully planned how their new year, 2014, would be a different year, I was feeling dizzy, experiencing hot/cold spells, trying to keep my head from exploding, having throat crap, feeling like my eyes are on fire, and hoping to breathe or smell through my nose. Worse than feeling sick was the nagging thought of how I was going to take care of four children, when I wasn't well enough to be on my feet for long. Thankfully, a gals' night, including a sleepover, had been planned for New Year's Eve; and one friend stayed on for two nights to help. That extra bit of rest and sleep helped much; however, I am far from being in the clear just yet. So, I have disappeared off the radar, to gather my senses, any semblance of energy, and rest and sleep to hopefully rejoin living soon. Then, I might be ready to converse about wishes and hopes for the new year.

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