Tuesday, November 5, 2013



It was business as usual today and tonight. Evening had come and the sun was barely visible. Had a list a mile long of things to do, when suddenly a loud BANG!, followed by the electricity in the entire house going out, thwarted my plans. I just about jumped out of my skin and panicked; but, I had to feign to be the level-headed one, as a single mom of four small frightened and impressionable children. Before I had children, I had more candles than I could count; but, these days, I have very few to keep. I scrambled to light what candles I had. Then I went outside to the fuse box, with great effort and persuasion turned off and back on the master switch; nothing happened. I went back inside and out the front door to see whether any others on the street were having the same outage. I could see a neighbor a few doors down who was on his cell phone. Hollered to him and he said his electricity was out, too.


Rumor has it that a transformer located in my next door neighbor's backyard blew. A squirrel, perhaps? Heard those things can take a couple of hours or so to replace. Thankfully the electricity came on in much less time than that.

Having lights out briefly wasn't such a bad thing. A bunch of things that allegedly needed to get done didn't necessarily get done. But, we were all a bit high strung, leading up to the blackout, and the blackout did a gentle reset for us.

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