Friday, December 6, 2013

A different and most welcomed portrayal of true love

A friend of mine and I took my older two to see "Frozen" this afternoon. How refreshing, exciting, adventurous, exquisite the movie is! The animation was superb (on a side note, I absolutely loved the Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse short film that previewed right beforehand, with Mickey and Minnie popping on and off the movie screen) and amazing. Seeing two princesses who were strong, not merely waiting for someone to rescue them, was refreshing. The music was delightful. Loved the adventure. The girls (7 years old and 5 years old) and I were a bit scared at times, especially towards the end of the movie. I was super excited to see that the "true love" portrayed in this wasn't the typical romantic love - between prince charming and a princess - as oftentimes seen in Disney or Hollywood movies . . . I will try not to ruin the surprise for those who have yet to see the movie or have not heard about the ending.

The sisters are so different, and yet there are plenty of redeeming qualities for each:

Elsa - (the older sister)
  • understands that tremendous power comes with huge responsibility and always is mindful about not hurting others with that power.
  • wants to protect her sister, even when the sacrifice (of protecting her sister) comes at a huge price.
  • does not stop wanting to find out answers.
  • loves others tremendously.
  • finds the strength to live well, even though she has to be isolated for quite some time.
  • does not become cold and hard through her difficult life circumstances and challenges.
Anna - (the younger sister)
  • loves her sister loyally, continuously, and deeply, despite not being aware and not being informed about the forced (albeit protective) distance between them.
  • does not stop believing in her sister and having a sustaining faith (in her sister and family).
  • has not given up on love, real love.
  • has the strength, courage, resolve to venture and battle the dangerous and the unknown for her sister.
  • loves so genuinely, so deeply, without reservation, that she is willing to sacrifice her life.
  • emanates a sort of innocence and naivety, yet is strong, bold, and loving in her own right.

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