Monday, December 9, 2013

Where are you really from?!

Perhaps because I am feeling a bit feisty today. Or, maybe because I got woken up at 3:30 in the morning by the twins. Or maybe, just maybe, I read something on facebook that got me thinking. . .

I have been asked countless times, as a child and as an adult the following question:

"Where are you from?"


"Where are you really from?"

(Thinking to myself: I was born in Tennessee and spent all my growing up years there. What answer seems more appropriate?)


"Where are you really from?"

(Are we getting personal or what?)

(Through personal experiences, I surmise people are wondering about my cultural or, more precisely,  ethnic background, but they lack the ability to clearly articulate just that. Whilst I am tempted to clarify that I have had more lessons in the classroom and more practice at writing than the 'average' American - heck, I have only had 20+ years of formal education - I hold back. Anyone with any experience with 'foreigners' or first-generation immigrants will be able to tell a difference between those who are brand new to living in the US and those who are not. But I do not want to sound defensive. More importantly, I would rather be cordial about the matter.)

(Maybe due to some of the more comedic relief or comical influences in my life, I imagine responding more in the following fashion, from time to time:)

Do you really want to know where I am really from? Do you really want to have a discussion about the birds and the bees, right here, right now?!

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